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One of the seven wonders of Russia.

A unique geological monument in the Troitsko-Pechora district of the Komi Republic on the Man-Pupu-ner mountain (which in the Mansi language means "Small Mountain of Idols"), in the interfluve of the Ichotlyaga and Pechora rivers. There are seven outliers in total, each with a height of 30 to 42 m.

Travelers who were lucky enough to visit the stone giants of Komi, unanimously claim that when they meet them, the soul freezes, stunned by the magical power and antiquity of this natural monument. If you are inquisitive, brave and prepared for difficult routes, you will be able to personally experience its powerful impact.

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Nature reserves

Yugyd va National Park

It occupies a special place among more than three dozen other national parks of Russia, as the largest of them (the total area is 1891.7 thousand hectares).

It includes the highest part of the Ural Mountains. There are 821 lakes and about 50 glaciers. The rivers originating in the highlands, in terms of the amount of water flowing down on average per year, do not differ from the rivers of the Western Pamir and Tien Shan.

"Yugyd va" is not only mountains, rivers and the largest array of virgin forests in Europe. Birds listed in the International Red Book nest here, many rare and endemic plant species grow.

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Museums and galleries

National Museum of the Komi Republic Syktyvkar, Lenin str., 57 The museum has the only collection of material, written and pictorial evidence in the republic, covering a significant layer in the history of the region, starting with the first archaeological monuments of the Paleolithic era (28-30 thousand years BC), ending with sources on the political [...]

Pilgrimage tours

Tour to the Kyltovo convent village of Kyltovo, Knyazhpogostsky district The Kyltovsky Holy Cross Monastery is the first female monastery in the Komi Republic, a major center of religion in the Komi region. The local shrines, including the cross cut down by the elder V. Nesterov, attract many pilgrims. In the autumn of 1911, the [...]

For hunters and fishermen

Obdyr Club Meshchura village, Knyazhpogostsky district The base is a hunting farm with an area of 51 thousand hectares in 280 km from Syktyvkar. Experienced foresters who have devoted their whole life to the taiga and have been organizing recreation for more than 20 years live and work at the base. During the passage of [...]

Wellness tours

GAU RK Sanatorium "Seregovo" Seregovo village, Knyazhpogostsky district The sanatorium is located 100 km from the city ofSyktyvkar is located on the high bank of the Vym River (the terrain height is 120 m above sea level, Mount Kokui). You can take a walk through the pine forests, full of berries and mushrooms. Forests alternate [...]

Gastronomic tours

Delicious North Tour The untold riches of the Komi forests, rivers and lakes are reflected in the national cuisine. How to resist a rich fish soup-yukva from grayling or salmon? How not to be tempted by the northern delicacy-stroganina made of tender young deer meat? The culinary traditions of Komi are still alive today! You [...]

Event tours

Tour "Ust-Tsilemskaya gorka" Ust-Tsilma village The summer ritual holiday is a bright colorful celebration that takes us back several centuries. More than 5 thousand people annually become participants of the event, which is unique for the Russian North. An important characteristic of the holiday is the outfit. Many elegant costumes were sewn more than a [...]